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  • Livelihood Promotion

About 12.8 million persons enter the labour market, in India, every year. This includes illiterate, school dropout youths, unskilled agriculture labours, small/marginal farmers, etc. But only 5% of the labour force in the age group of 20-24 years obtains vocational skills through formal means. This signifies that a large number of labour do not have skills to improve their employability.


Educational programme-based training courses mostly cater to the needs of jobs in the organized sector whereas unorganized sector employs up to 93 per cent of the national workforce. Seasonal migration of the labour force also compounds the livelihood problem.

To promote livelihood options for youths and meet the demands for specific skills of good quality, Shantidoot conducts different kinds of activities ranging from skill development training to linkage and placement of targeted beneficiaries. Such programmes are organized after objective survey to know the market needs, demand & supply needs of the area, learning demands, scope of employment and tapping income-earning potential from local art & craft, culture, tradition and vocations.     


Programmes/Projects for Promotion of Occupational Requirements/Livelihood


Need-assessment, survey & research on livelihood promotion/alternative livelihood options.
Vocational Training courses for illiterate/neo-literate youths, especially among disadvantaged sections of society and females.
Establishment and operation of technical/professional educational institutions.
Training for Income Generating Activities (IGA) to SHG members.
Job-oriented training, linkage and placement to BPL females
Income upgrading programmes for artisans.
Coaching/Training courses, especially for educated SC/ST youths.
Computer training programmes for digital literacy and enhancement of occupational skills of youths.


The organization has a ‘Placement Cell’ manned by a Coordinator level functionary. The Cell develops small entrepreneurship proposals for trainees, linkages with govt./banks, organization of placement interviews for trainees, etc.




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