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Area Coverage

1. Patna, Nalanda, Vaishali, Sheikhpura and Madhubani districts in Bihar and Koderma and Bokaro districts in Jharkhand are directly covered.


2. Other districts in Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh are covered with support of network partners.

Focal Issues of the organization

Health & Hygiene



Education, Literacy and Livelihood Promotion



Women and  Child Development



Environment and Sustainable Development


5. Research, Training, Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Executive objectives


To organize, conduct or promote any kind of activity for the cause of National integrity and unity with peace, harmony and justice; and create a sense of brotherhood, co-operation, love and affection amongst members of society.



To conduct charitable and/or any incidental activities for holistic, sustainable development and welfare of urban and rural masses without discrimination of race, caste, creed, religion, sex, vocation or practices.



Execute and support all development and welfare policies, decisions and steps of Central and State Governments in the field of social, economic, art & culture, education & literacy linked, health & sanitation, scientific, artistic and/or literary field.



To support and conduct all kinds of programmes for development, welfare, empowerment and improvement in living standards for exclusively SC/ST, Other Backward Class, Minority, BPL and other deprived sections of society.



Execute all types of work for over all development, welfare and poverty alleviation of people living in Indian villages and encourage them to be self-dependent; including establishment, promotion or running of KVKs and allied centres/institutions; development of agriculture, irrigation, drinking water & sanitation, transportation, survey & research, training, organization of workshops for farmers and other rural people.



Start, encourage, assist and conduct activities for promotion and development of handloom, handicraft and cottage industries; development and welfare of handicraft artists including training, organizing workshops, handicraft exhibition/mela, marketing of handicraft products, establishment of production centres/units, etc. or any activity incidental to implementation of KVI Programmes like establishing, running, managing ‘Gaushala’, Gobar Gas plants, promotion of smokeless chulhas, etc.



Conduct all kinds of health-related programmes like provision of basic health, reproductive health, family planning, diagnosis & research; opening and running hospitals/institutions for treatment, medical or nursing education (Medical, Dental, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, Yunani, Tibbi and/or Siddha), prevention, management, rehabilitation, care and support for diseases including Cancer, AIDS, Hepatitis, TB, Malaria, Kala ajar, Leprosy, etc. so as to afford medical relief and healthy living condition to society.



To establish, run, maintain, promote, finance and/or support community development/welfare programmes/activities and also construct or develop charitable, mobile dispensaries, hospitals, health care centers, maternity homes, convalescent homes, sanatoria, child welfare center, orphanages, old age homes, short stay homes, dharmshala, night shelters or other buildings/institutions for welfare and use of general public.



To open, establish, promote, set-up, manage, maintain, support and/or help literacy, informal, formal and/or distance education programmes/activities including technical/non-technical, professional, management, teacher’s training, art & craft, vocational and physical education/training/course by any or all types of schools, colleges, universities, training/coaching centres, hostels, adult education centres, research or other institutions for similar purposes.



To organize and conduct programmes/activities; establish, run, aid or help centers/institutions against activities endangering public health and community life   like smoking, drug addiction, prostitution, human or animal trafficking, etc. and also work for rehabilitation of affected person/family including legal or medical help.



Conduct programmes against social evils and superstitions like dowry, child marriage, female feticide/infanticide, sati, castism, discrimination/violence against women; and try for their eradication through different kinds of programmes/activities, counseling centre, rehabilitation centres, etc.



Organize and conduct programmes/activities; establish, run, maintain or arrange centers/institutions, schools, shelter homes, Ashram, training centres, etc. for physical and mental development, rehabilitation, welfare and decent livelihood of disabled, widow, old age persons, beggars, destitute, orphans or abandoned children, women, poor/needy and also arrange for legal help and earning opportunity.



Organize, conduct, support or aid any program or activity directly/indirectly dealing with women/community empowerment like Self Help Groups, co-operatives, clubs, societies, etc.



To establish, maintain or grant aid for constructions or maintenance of wells, tube wells, tanks, water reservoirs, paths/lanes, roads, khadanja, culverts/ bridge, parks, sewerage, drainage system and other infrastructural utilities to be used by general public in rural or urban areas.



To encourage games/sports, art & craft, scientific, literary and cultural development and organize/conduct all activities conducive for their promotion/advancement including establishment, running, maintaining, financing and/or supporting hostels, libraries, playground, community hall, swimming pools, stadiums (both open and indoor), gymnasiums, Yoga training centers, anganwadis/balwadis, studio, drama stage, sangeetalaya and nrityalaya (music and dance training center) or other buildings/institutions for use of general public.



Free child labour, street children and children from other deprived section of society   from exploitation and arrange for their rehabilitation, food, shelter and employment oriented education.



To provide food, clothes, medical aid, stationery, transportation, libraries, laboratories, hostels, play grounds, swimming pools and other possible facilities for children and students/youth welfare and also to the general public.



Provide and help in providing relief to people affected due to calamities such as, floods, droughts, earthquake, fire, cyclone, riots, epidemics, etc. and work for their rehabilitation.



To work for awareness generation, promotion, survey, research, training, development and sustainable use; and/or establish centers/institutions, parks, sanctuaries and/or conduct any program/activity related to environment (including flora & fauna) protection, pollution control (earth, soil, water, air) and energy conservation.



To promote literacy, cultural, artistic and other social activities by Awareness programmes/events, Lectures, Competitions, Exhibitions, Symposiums, Cultural Programmes, Seminars, Workshops, Press Conferences, etc.



Conduct evaluation of projects/programmes, survey, research, data/information collection, on any issue including those suggested by Govt./Non.Govt., national/international, autonomous bodies, agencies, societies or CBOs; and also provide the same to members of society and general public.



Identify, conserve and develop archeological remains/sites; arrange tours or provide conveyance to any person(s) to and for any such place(s) of archeological/historical, cultural, industrial and acclaimed religious place(s) which may enlighten and defuse knowledge and/or for the avoidance or to reduce/remove depression and which may encourage spiritual instinct for living a better and happier life.



To offer prizes, institute awards and grant scholarship/sponsorship in education, sports, art & craft, music & dance, environment, social and/or community development and also to provide all possible facilities to deserving students, sportspersons, artists, social or environment activists who are interested to go abroad to develop or promote their skill/vocation.



To promote the interest of people and increase their awareness on any socially relevant national or international issue by making or supporting to make audio-video, tele films, TV-serials documentaries, exhibitions, puppet-shows, nukkad nataks etc.



To publish books, charts, illustrations, journals, magazines, periodicals, newsletters/papers and other publications in different languages and subjects in the service of mankind.



To acquire any patent and licenses or other protective devices relating to the results of any discovery, investigation, findings or researches; to acquire any processes upon such terms as to manufacture and distribute for charitable purpose of any product developed, discovered or improved including biological/pharmacological standardization of indigenous medicinal plants.


To initiate, organize, implement, aid or support programmes/activities related to protection and promotion of human or animal rights.


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