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Voluntary Service in Shantidoot



Any person (Indian or foreign) above 18 years of age may become a volunteer of the organization.


The organization accepts two types of Volunteership:


    i. Permanent Volunteer – The person may be deputed for any length of period for any or specified programme/project as long as he/she remains volunteer of the organization.


    ii. Temporary Volunteer – A time-bound volunteer for any particular programme / project / activity of the organization deputed or opting for specific and limited period.



Other Conditions


    The volunteer should accept Mission, Vision and Objectives of the organization.
      The volunteer should follow guidelines of the project/activity for which he/she is deputed by the organization or he/she willingly opts.
      The volunteer should follow instructions (concerning assigned project/activity) of the organization/project functionary under which he/she is deputed.
    No allowance is paid to the volunteer. Only TA and/or Incentive or gift in kind may be given for his/her services.
      The Executive Committee/Office-bearers of the organization may permit to pay any other allowance/amount to volunteers for any programme/project/activity, as per need, discretion, availability of fund, etc.
      The volunteer will have no right to claim any payment or conditions of service.
      Application Form may be submitted online/post (in the given format).


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