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Membership of the Organization



Rules for becoming a member of the organization (As per MoA & Bye-laws of Shantidoot)


Article 2. Membership of the Organization



    i. Any Indian citizen above the age of 18 years can become member of the organization by giving prescribed membership fee and an undertaking to follow the laws and bye-laws of the organization.


    ii. Maximum 100 persons may become member of the organization. No. of members may increase or decrease as per the decision of the General Body/Executive Committee of the Organization.


    iii. Any Indian citizen can apply for membership of the organization. The right to accept or reject an application rests completely with the General Body of the Organization.


Article 3. Membership Fee


Admission Fee        -   Rs. 250/-
Annual Subscription     -   Rs. 1000/-


    Membership Admission Fee and Annual Subscription Fee is waived in case the incumbent belongs to the category of SC/ST, Minority, BPL, handicraft artisan or is a programme beneficiary of the Organization.


Article 4. Termination of membership


    By resignation, in case of death or mental imbalance, on being punished by court, not depositing Annual Subscription for three consecutive years, not following the laws, by-laws and objectives of the organization, not attending three consecutive meetings, without permission or by passing vote of no confidence at the General Body meeting of the Organization.


Other Conditions for Membership


    Request (Printed or online) for organization’s membership will be accepted only in the prescribed form/format.
      Submission/acceptance of Membership Application Form does not guarantee membership of the organization. The decision solely rests with the General Body.
      Any membership Application/Request will be valid for three years, if no. of members of the General Body is already 100, the request will be kept in waiting and the applicant will be informed of his/her application status. After expiry of the three-year per- iod a fresh application will be needed.
    Acceptance of membership will be informed by post/e-mail/phone.
      The newly admitted member will have to deposit his/her first year subscription fee (Rs. 1000/- only) within one month of being informed of his membership. Otherwise his/her membership will automatically terminate.


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